Google Earth with more precise

>> Saturday, 25 June 2011

Google is determined not to let its software geonavigation, the now famous Google Earth. To add a little more application Google should exploit the near future even more precise images. To do so, the firm will build a satellite to be launched next September 4 by the firm GeoEye, a provider of images that "water" Google Earth already. According to GeoEye, the new satellite can take high-resolution images of the entire New Mexico in just one day.

Asked accuracy, we're talking about 50 cm per pixel, or picture to 0.41 meter in black and white and 1.65 meter in color. For itself the services of this new satellite with a value of half a billion dollars, Google has signed an exclusive contract with GeoEye for an amount unknown.

If everything goes well Google should start receiving new images taken by GeoEye-1 in late October / early November, however it is not known how long it will take before they are injected into Google Maps and Google Earth.


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