New features announced for Hotmail

>> Saturday, 25 June 2011

The team of Windows Live Hotmail is currently working on the next version of webmail and, after looking a little team LiveSide found the promotional site of the new product. The product is not yet available in beta but here are some official information.

Microsoft promises us a service up to 70% faster (+ 50% for low-bandwidth connections), an anti-spam technology further and better security against viruses and email fraud.

The developers of Windows Live have taken up the idea of Gmail with a storage capacity increased continuously depending on your use. Currently users benefit from 5GB. The Redmond company has also inspired by Yahoo! and integrate a web messenger service directly into the mailbox, which will chat with contacts without having to install the Windows Live Messenger client.

Microsoft also announced new features for calendar and a future integration of Windows Live Groups to simplify sending emails grouped.


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