Software for Scheduled Recording on a Computer

>> Friday, 8 June 2012

Software for Scheduled Recording on a Computer
I am actually looking for software which will help me Schedule the recording of the video from my computer. Most of the software’s require a human presence to “Start” and “Stop” the video recording. So kindly suggest me some software’s that I can use to achieve the above results..?
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Re: Software for Scheduled Recording on a Computer
“Debut Video Recording” is one software that allows you to schedule the recording of videos. Debut detects devices on our computer and if no devices are found it will configure itself as a screen capture tool. It helps you to capture and record videos and even helps in scheduling and managing recordings. It helps us to record or capture videos directly on our computer through webcams or any external devices. The new video can be saved on our hard drive in AVI, WMV or many other formats. You can download this software from web and can even view its functionality on YouTube.
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