Unable to activate web components server

>> Friday, 8 June 2012

Unable to activate web components server
I was willing to install an web components server and so made an installation but it came across that there were several issues which came across. It was at times installed properly but the issues seems around at the time of activating. I made several tries with reinstalling but the issue remained on same track. There was some error message which I received which is something like this one, Activate Web Components Server Activate Web Components Server Log: LC Web Components[2010_07_13][15_32_32]_Activate.html
[0x80004005] Unspecified error . in addition I was with some LC Web Components html doesn't exist? So can you give me some specific reason regarding this error as I made several tries for finding some answer but it seems to be difficult in my case. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Unable to activate web components server
According to me, I suppose you have missed some operations or you may have skipped operations while installing. You could be with issues if it’s not OCS server 2007 standard version. So the first thing you need to do is install OCS Enterprise 2007 on windows server 2003 SP2. Then you will require to deploy pool in an Expanded Topology to step add web components Server. Are you saying when you attempt to reinstall and then activate Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005, your activation tends to fail. as well, you might receive an error message that is alike to the following.

Failure [0xC3EC7821] Server is associated with one or more invalid SPNs. Use LcsCmd with the /unregspn switch if you would like unregister already registered SPNs.

with if you come across such issue, see to it whether you are making use of an earlier installation with an different service account. the service principal name (SPN) would be registered on the unique service account, If you do not tend to disable the Live Communications Server 2005 server previous to you make an installation of your front-end software. So to resolve this issue ,
• Make use of the service account where the SPN is previously registered.
• make use of LcsCmd.exe with the /unregspn switch so that you are able to remove the SPN. To do this, type the following command:
lcscmd.exe /server /action:Activate /role SE /userCLService /passwordPassword /unregspn
1. you need to clear the ServicePrincipleName value from the account object in Active Directory and then position the service account name that is referenced in the Activation error log,
2. On the domain , you will be having Adsiedit.msc tool and then run it. It would be present there where Live Communications Server 2005 is installed.
3. You need to then expand Domain [domain name],DC=domain name, DC=com, as well as then expand CN=Users.

then move to the Properties by right-clicking service account name.

4. You then need to double-click ServicePrincipalName in the Attributes list.
5. You will be with an list with an fully qualified domain name of Live Communications Server 2005 Remove it followed by clicking OK.
6. Then make a try with running Live Communications Server 2005 activation once more.
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Re: Unable to activate web components server
I tried with your following steps but was not able to solve later. As I was with “lcscmd' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” I made use of command lcscmd for the first time and don’t know much regarding the same. So can you guys help me further as I am not able to activate my web components server . I need some parameter information along with description which will help me understand the topic further.
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Re: Unable to activate web components server
You need to make use of the following syntax example to activate Web Components Server.
LCSCmd.exe /Web: /Action:Activate /PoolName: [/Password:] [/UnRegSPN:[TRUE|FALSE] ]
Such as LCSCmd.exe /Web /Action:Activate /Password:My$tr0ngPwd /PoolNamePool01 .
Web defines for executing the action for the specified Web Components Server computer. So see to that if you have not specified FQDN , the current computer is used. Action means taking a string which states the action name. so you will be with an valid action names which would be as per : CheckLCServerState, Diag, or else Activate, or Deactivate. You then will be with password field, which will specify the service account password for the server. PoolName which will denote name of the pool that the Web Components Server is departing to serve. reference domain FQDN specification would be provided with RefDomain. Global will tend to specify the global setting location. NoStart specifies whether to begin the service on the server at the time of activation.
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