Vista display problems please help

>> Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vista display problems please help
I'm trying to use a KVM switch to use one monitor between my Dell labtop and my Dell desktop.
Desktop: windows 7, resolution - 1280 x 1024
Laptop: windows vista, resolution - 1440 x 900
Everything works fine except as soon as I plug in the KVM switch/monitor into my labtop the screen goes black for a second and the resolution changes and my icons get messed up. I noticed that with the Nvidia control panel display resolution screen open the max res goes from 1440x900 to 1280x800. Then after I disconnect the monitor it goes back to my original Resulotion but the icons are left all messed up. Is there a setting or option in vista that prevents this? I basically don't want my resolution to change at all when I plug the external monitor in.

Please help. I've scoured the net to no avail.
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Re: Vista display problems please help
I also had the same problems and to fix this issue you Jjust have to go into the display\screen resolution (and with the KVM on another port- so you only have the one screen in blue) select the monitor number two and then change Multiple displays: to Extend these displays. Then your screen will automatically come back with the KVM switch.


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