Next song won't play in Windows Media Player 11

>> Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Next song won't play in Windows Media Player 11
In the last month, something happened within WMP 11 installed on both my XP home computers that is really frustrating. For years and years, how I usually listen to music in WMP is by going into "Songs" under Library and perusing all the songs within all my albums. I then click on whatever song I feel excited about listening to, listen to it, and if I walk away WMP just plays the next song in my song library and continues to work its way down until I tell it otherwise. Now, the song I click on plays but it just stops at the end of that song. It doesn't go to the next song anymore, which is horribly annoying. I don't understand exactly why this change occurred, but it has something to do with the fact that my "Now Playing" list is now ONLY the song I've clicked on, whereas before the Now Playing was ALWAYS my entire library, no matter what I clicked on. Please help me fix this. I don't want to use Itunes but at least Itunes continues playing songs once I've started playing songs within my library.

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Re: Next song won't play in Windows Media Player 11
I think that you have recently downloaded iTunes and changed the default player to it which is why it is causing problems. So what you need to do is under library of wmp 11 tab there is a more options tab. Click on that and it will bring up a new window with more tabs. On that page is File Types. Check to see if mp3 is ticked. You can also change that wmp as the default player and mp3's selected along with any other file types you choose might do the trick.
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